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My son, James, is involved in the University of Central Florida Rocket league. The link above goes to the UCF Rocket League donation page. This is strictly voluntary and I will not be checking to see who donates and who does not. You can even check the box to donate anonymously. Anything is appreciated. I was hoping to get enough people donating the value of a beverage or two.

Flight Plan

Translate a Delta flight plan

Delta Version

Delta uses a version of this in iCrew labeled the "html" flight plan. My version has a couple of more bells and whistles and Delta's version is easier to create.

Some stats and examples

Count of unique release numbers translated      Example routes

Experimental table of contencts for printed NOTAMS

I have thought that it would be useful if the printed copy of the flight plan had a detailed table of contents for the NOTAMS section. This concept is limited by how much longer we are operating with paper vs electronic format. This would have to print from the gate when the agent pulls up the flight plan. Thus, this page is not meant to be used, but is meant to demonstrate the concept by producting examples.

Translate the iCrew flight plan for printed NOTAMS

Offline tools for the iPad

I have some tools such as a break calculator, crosswind and converter calculator, and Jepp FD alternates page that I have put on a seperate page. The way the page is designed, you can use it and the tools offline on an iPad.

John Bell Tools

HTML Flash Cards

I have an Excel workbook that allows you to create flash cards in an html format. I have an example below of for 777 Memory and Limitations. I also have an example as well as a blank version of the Excel file so that you can create your own.

777 html flash cards

Blank version of Workbook

Version of Workbook with 777 questions as an example.

PBS and Scheduling tools

The following files require Deltanet access. The Excel files are static, but you should be able to download them and then use them interactively.

Pairing Summaries

These are a couple of files that I use, but have not been tested enough to post on They are offered on a use at your own risk and usupported basis:

FAR 117 calculator in Excel

PBS reserve line simulator in Excel    Online version of PBS Reserve simulator

Test format translation for rotation display

Test format to convert rotation to .ics file.

Bid Award Analysis 1/5/2018 Award


Note that these links will require you to sign into Deltanet and are not available publicly. The online version allows you to see an analysis online by entering your employee number. It works in the browser instead of needing to download the Excel file. The problem is that this works for some people and not others. DO NOT ask for access to this file if prompted, but use the second link below. The second link provides read only access and you will need to download the Excel file and open the file in Excel. Unfortunately, the Surface and lounge computers do not have Excel, but Excel reader. Excel reader will allow you to view the file, but not to make changes such as entering your employee number.

Online interactive version of the Excel spreadsheet. If you cannot get access, use the next link. DO NOT ask for access if prompted.

View-only version of the Excel file. Download this file and open in Excel to use it.


The pdf version lists each pilot twice, once for the category he is entering and once for the category that he is exiting. This allows you to look at a given category and see how the seniority is changing above or below one of the awarded pilots seniority as a reference.

PDF summary


Regatta Stuff

timer link


Create cached test page