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Using a link to create AeroWeather groups

Lakehorn's homepage (the creators of AeroWeather) www.lakehorn.com


Disclaimer 1: AeroWeather does not use the "approved" weather for my airline. Thus, this is somewhat of an academic exercise.

Disclaimer 2: Other than AeroWeather taking the time to respond to some of my e-mails, I have no relationship with Lakehorn software. I do have selfish motives. The more popular the app becomes, the more effort Lakehorn can spend in refining and adding cool features.

Disclaimer 3: This discussion applies to AeroWeather Pro on iOS and may or may not have applications to other versions.


I wanted to get an idea of how a dynamic weather package might work and AeroWeather is a really cool app. Using this feature you can create a specific list of alternates for a flight which can then be updated withing the app as opposed to being a static weather report. For a bigger operation, a link could be created for each flight. For a smaller operation, these links are an easy way of creating a list of common alternates along a given route or theater.

If you are on an iOS device with AeroWeather, you can open the following link and load a group into AeroWeather which consists of the origin, destination, and alternates for a fictitious flight:

Aero Weather Group for Flt 123

You can even make a QR code out of it. From an iOS device with AeroWeather, you can click on the link and scan the QR code. If you have not done this before, just open the camera and use that. You do not need to take the picture, but just aim at the QR code and eventually it should give you the option to load the group into AeroWeather.

Click here to get a QR code for Flt 123 AeroWeather group

Quick YouTube demo of the QR code

The infromation is on the AeroWeather website. However, the link address is easy to create. Here is the address from this example:

aeroweather://createGroups/json={"metadata":{"creatorBundleID":"com.xyz.myRoster","previousGroups":"replace"},"groups":[{"name":"Flt123 LSZH-KJFK","locations":["LSZH","KJFK","KIAD","KPIT","EIDW","LPLA","CYYR"]}]}

Before using the address as a link, I change the " and space to %22 and %20 respectively:


The link then becomes:

<a href="aeroweather://createGroups/json={%22metadata%22:{%22creatorBundleID%22:%22com.xyz.myRoster%22,%22previousGroups%22:%22replace%22},%22groups%22:[{%22name%22:%22Flt123%20LSZH-KJFK%22,%22locations%22:[%22LSZH%22,%22KJFK%22,%22KIAD%22,%22KPIT%22,%22EIDW%22,%22LPLA%22,%22CYYR%22]}]}" target="_blank">Aero Weather Group for Flt 123</a>

Dynamic creation of AeroWeather links for a ZRH-JFK Example Flight

Below is an example from a flight plan where the AeroWeather code is generated dynamically with JavaScript. The alternates incldued depend on the filtering. These alternates are then available as a link or QR.

This is from a flight plan generated from www.johnfbell.com to demonstrate the Aero Weather Pro link and QR codes. Those links are towards the bottom.

If you are on an iOS device, try the link. If you are looking at this page on a non-iOS device, try using the QR code and the camera on your iOS to load the airports into Aero Weather Pro assuming that you have it installed.


This does not work on iOS because Jepp FD 3.0 for iOS does not allow the pasting of alternates. This feature is much less important in that Jepp FD 9.0 for the Surface and Jepp FD 3.0 for iOS now have a feature where you can show only company airports. Additionally, you can tap on an airport and get the company information about that airport.

Data updated: 12/1/2017

Always include the following alternates:

Alternates for Jepp FD



Minimum runway length: ft

Include the closest qualified airports to any route waypoint

List of alternates to paste into Jepp FD on the Surface:

Select inside the box and use Ctrl-A Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste into Jepp FD.

If you opened this file from e-mail, you may have to:

  • Hold on the link.
  • Select Copy
  • Hold your finger in the Safari URL box
  • Select Paste and Go