New version of the iCrew html flight plan

The iCrew/iCrew mobile version of the html flight plan has been updated as of 5/30/2019. Thank you for all involved who got this done.

I had and still have a version of the code on this page that you can download and run if you are on a computer with Java installed. I no longer need testing. However, I am leaving this page in case anybody wants to create and html flight plan. The scenario that comes to mind is that it would be possible to use this code to create a flight plan for LOE training.

For normal use, I would recommend either using my translation at: or use the iCrew/iCrew mobile version. My website offers a couple of more bells and whistles, the iCrew version offers more convenience.

How to use this code:

  1. To run the converter, you will need Java installed. You will then be able to download and run the following file:
  2. When you run the program, it asks for a text file containing the flight plan. To get this, copy the iCrew plain text version into something like Notepad and save it as a text file.
  3. The output will be the html file. It might take a few seconds while the conversion is running before the dialog box to save the flight plan appears.