Testing help:

This is the test code for improvements to the translation that is currently in iCrew. If you are simply looking to translate a flight plan into html, I would recommend using https://www.johnfbell.com/WebForm1.aspx or use the version from iCrew. Using this code is not convenient. If you would like to try to convert some flight plans to provide some feedback, that would be great.

I have been informed that this code might make it in by January 2019. While I have tested several flight plans and feel confident, I would not mind having a little extra testing. If you can do this for a flight you are on, great. However, I think the process is probably too cumbersome for that. I am hoping that a couple people will have some time on a boring layover to pull up a flight plan, convert it, and let me know if they ran into any problems.

A little background: This project started in Excel as a VBA macro. I then updated this to a website using ASP and VB .NET based on the original VBA code. While I offered that code to Flight Operations, the problem is that they use Java. I offered to clean up the code and add a lot of remarks. It wasn't long before I figured out that it would be much better if I learned enough Java to re-wrote the code in Java. The flight plan text is an argument for a Java function that returns the text of the html version. I added a little code to open the input file and save the html file in order to test the function that creates the html flight plan.

How to use this code:

  1. To run the converter, you will need Java installed. You will then be able to download and run the following file: https://johnfbell.com/RunnableFlightPlanConverter.jar
  2. When you run the program, it asks for a text file containing the flight plan. To get this, copy the iCrew plain text version into something like Notepad and save it as a text file.
  3. The output will be the html file. It might take a few seconds while the conversion is running before the dialog box to save the flight plan appears.

There are several things that my website version has that the iCrew version lacks. Among other things, my website version has links to open the flight plan into ForeFlight. This makes a great demonstration for functionality that I think should be available in ForeFlight. However, it would be inappropriate for the iCrew version since ForeFlight is not an approved app. However, there are many improvements that I have made to my web version that would make useful enhancments to the iCrew version.

Updates from current iCrew version as of 8/28/2018:

Update 11/12/2018:

Update 12/03/2018:

Update 12/07/2018:

Update 01/06/2019

Update 01/10/2019

Thanks and let me know what you find.