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Last updated: 7/6/2022 12:48


This takes the ship tracking data from iCrew and extracts the MEL data. I would love to see this made obsolete with a direct solution in iCrew, MiCrew, or the EFF.


1. Select ship tracking from within iCrew from under NRSA.

2. Pull up the tracking information for a specific ship.

3. Select the entire text.

Here is the trick for the iPad: Select some text in the upper right cell of the top table then drag the right sizing handle all the way to the right of the screen-- well to the right of the table. This should select the whole area and give you a Copy prompt.

4. Paste the text into the box below. The text will look like jumbled junk, but extracting the useful text is the point of this page.

5. I reformatted the MEL numbers so that you can copy and paste the MEL into the search area of AeroDocs.



This appears to be the current MEL list from the pasted text. Date time is from when the item was first added as opposed to last updated.

This is the list of MEL activity for development and testing. Note the most recent activity is at the top and the earliest is at the bottom.

This is the list of MEL events, also for development and testing. Note the most recent activity is at the top and the earliest is at the bottom.

Other stuff:

Another way of getting the MEL information:

Delta has a PowerApp to get the status information. This is well done, but it is not made for pilots and takes some work to setup. While it is useful, it is not what I imagine most pilots envision for finding the maintenance status of an aircraft.

If you run the app on the iPad, you must first install the iOS Power Apps app and sign into multiple data sources. After you have it set up, you can create a bookmark or use the share icon (square with an arrow out the top) and Add to Home Screen.

The data is in a table with no option to break out individual ship numbers. However, the table is sorted by ship number so you can find the information relatively quickly. There is more detail than is available with the ship tracking data from iCrew.

MEL Power App Link

Link to Power Apps in the iOS App Store

Note that this requires mulitple sign-ins to use the app. Thus, I don't consider sharing this link to be a risk. However, if someone in authority objects, then I will delete the links.

What is the point of getting the MEL  information outside of the flight plan or logbook:

The flight plan has the MEL information. Additionally, this information is in the aircraft logbook. Lastly, the status will change as the aircraft arrives with new issues and perhaps some old issues are cleard.

The reason that being able to look up the MEL information is valuable is that it is often nice to be able to front load some pre-flight work by reviewing MEL to the extent possible before the flight plan or logbook is available.

Cybersecurity statement:

This analysis is done within the browser using JavaScript. Nothing travels over the internet. The code is quick and messy, but you can view it by opening this file in Notepad or some other text editor.


Feel free to use the code in any way you like. This includes copying and modifying the code.

Contact info:

John Bell DTW330A. I am in iCrew. Feel free to contact me.