Translating a new flight plan

Below are the steps to translate a flight plan from the iCrew text. The essence is to paste the flight plan and click the green button. However, I have broken it down into individual steps.


There is an issue in opening the flight plan from an e-mail attachment in iOS 13. I have also had some issues with getting the flight plan from iCrew. This document has some solutions:


Step 1: Setup offline recall page (do once)

You only need to do this page so that it is available offline one time:

The best way of doing this is to use the Reading List feature in Safari: Instructions are here:

This option is simpler than using e-mail. However, I still recommend using the e-mail option as a backup.

Step 2: Get the flight plan text

You can now extract the flight plan from Mission+. The old methods of getting the flight plan from iCrew or e-mailed from MiCrew still work also.

Install the extract shortcut:

Get the iOS shortcut

Once this is installed, you can extract the flight plan text (CBP) as shown in this screenshot:

Big thanks to Justin Van Demark for helping me figure this out!

Step 3: Paste the flight plan from iCrew

Paste the flight plan text below.

Step 4 (optional): Include Google Earth and GPX files?

Note: If the translation fails, try running this again with this disabled and let me know you had a problem.

This option will include the kmz/Google Earth file in the e-mail attachment.

Click here for instructions on how to clear old flight plans from Google Earth.

The GPX file can be loaded into several apps such as Pocket Earth.


This will determine the shading of alternate airports in Google Earth.


Other options

 (maps lat/long points, but not named points, if you include the NAT in the flight plan from iCrew)

Step 5: e-mail options


B. Send copy to these email addresses. Use a semi-colon or comma for multiple addresses.


The email usually takes a minute or two to arrive.

You can use option A, B, both, or none. Since the Surface 3 has Delta e-mail, I have an option to send the translation to each pilot in the crew list by checking the box. Using the e-mail address of <6-digit employee number> works the same as the email address based on your name.

I am not really tracking e-mail addresses, but I see them because I bcc a copy to myself so that I can get an idea of how much this is being used and to provide some examples.

If you can't find the e-mail, check your junk/spam folder.

Step 6: Automatically highlight the key data in the flight plan

This is something that I have had on my mind for some time, but have felt ambivalent about. Trying to figure out what to highlight and not to highlight automatically is difficult in that different pilots would choose different things. Also, some data appears in multiple places. This feature will probably evolve and I am open to input. Also remember you can unhighlight what I have highlighted and you can highlight what I have not.

Keep in mind that I am only able to program automatic highlight for things which are always present, such as landing fuel. I am unable to program for things which are important but take interpretation such as the longest runway at an airport being closed.

Step 7: Make it go

Choose your operatings system:

Run the translation by clicking the button below:


This should take less than 10 seconds if everything works correctly and the internet connection is good, but may take up to 90 seconds. I have the cheap hosting plan. If you get an error, you may have to refresh the whole page and start over.

Step 8: Pass your feedback to Delta

All of the features in this version have been offered to Delta for the iCrew version. Delta is planning on replacing the html flight plan with an electronic Crew Briefing Package. Delta needs a professionally written and maintained product. A professional developement team has the ability to eclipse what I have done. If they do so, I will be in full support of the eCBP.

Home page

In case you have been given this link directly. I have some other resources including other Surface resources on my home page.


This is not approved or endorsed by Delta Air Lines or ALPA, nor are they involved in its creation. This is my own pet project. Double check the translation and consider this is all advisory in nature. This is especially true for the TP's. While I hope that I catch them all, there is a good chance that I failed to parse one or the parsing has drawn it somewhere far, far, away.


My ability to execute any suggestions is probably limited by my abilities, but I would very much enjoy your feedback.

The best way: Fill in my feedback form

An equally good way: My e-mail and phone number are in DBMS. Look up Bell, J. I am listed as Bell, John Fr.

KML suffix

You should not have to set this. If you really want to know what this does, it allows you to add a suffix to the kml file. Google maps only references the first version of the file that you send. If you attempt to look at an update, Google Maps will not recongnize the update. Google Earth is not effect by this. This box allows you to add a suffix such as "version 2" so that Google Maps will recognize the change. Since I added the release number and map options if any are deselected to the file name, there is very little likelyhood this will be of any use to anybody, so I moved it to the bottom of the page out of the way.   

I keep this list so that you can see the latest update. I also keep it to make the point of how the html flight plan has evolved.
03/16/2023Added instructions to extract flight plan from Mission+.
02/11/2023Added a simple Google Earth kml file. It is e-mailed or is linked in Route Extract.
11/24/2022Added toggle QR button to my weather links so that they do not interfere with each other.
11/06/2022Added times at FIR boundries. It is not that useful, but I wanted to compare to Mission+ logic.
08/21/2022Added domestic coded routes (CDR) link and then added links to the routes in and ForeFlight to help visualize the routes.
08/11/2022Added red font for CLSD, U/S, OBSTACLE, and UNREL in NOTAMS.
07/01/2022Added ETOPS times to the HOWGOZIT.
06/22/2022Tweaking to fix a problem with the ETOPS times addition.
06/22/2022I added time at the ETP and the ETOPS alternates based on takeoff time. This is to get a time range for looking at the WX forecast. I do not bother with the ETOPS entry and exit points because the flight plan does not have an ETE from these points to the alternates.
04/25/2022Fixed some obscure issues with highlighting algorithm.
04/25/2022I added a link for flight attendants to dynamically calculate the landing time.
02/28/2022Added pilots as cc for flight attendant briefing e-mail.
02/28/2022Highlighting prevents highlight over a previous highlight. This caused problems if you later tried to unhighlight the area.
01/04/2022Added fix to deal with new iPad QR scan.
11/25/2021Added copy button to MEL items. This allows you to easily copy the MEL number to paste in the AeroDocs search.
11/18/2021Updated highlighting to deal with iOS 15 issues.
11/01/2021I added a link to the weather report derived from
10/15/2021Updated flight attendant e-mail info to show a more detailed times layout.
07/19/2021Fixed issue in Report Data QR code and Flight Attendant e-mail link caused by bug in mailto in iOS 14.6.
07/06/2021I added the old Flight Attendant briefing e-mail.
06/13/2021I added a bit of text that can be sent to the flight attendants in Flight Family.
06/02/2021Changed the Flight Attendant Briefing e-mail scheme to allow more characters and formatted text.
02/12/2021I updated the Alternate data.
02/12/2021Due to server issues, I replaced my NOAA based wx report with links to the TAFF and METAR tables.
12/27/2020Hopefully I fixed the problem where the program kept generating an error that another process was trying to access a file. Who knows what else I messed up.
12/23/2020Fixed issue where translation crashed if there are ETP's or Google Earth files selected.
09/20/2020Fixed issue when email and Google Earth was selected.
09/14/2020I re-worded the On Time Reference portion of the flight attendant briefing e-mail.
09/14/2020I added the Flight Attendant briefing e-mail link to the e-mail text.
09/09/2020Hopefully, I recovered from the move from GoDaddy to Plesk and fixed Google Earth creation.
07/30/2020Fixed On Time Reference for flights that are planned late.
04/27/2020I tweaked the LATT calculator as well are reducing it to one version similar (but better than the upcoming iCrew version).
03/08/2020I added a link to the LATT (Latest Available Takeoff Time) as well as a calculator.
11/21/2019I changed the Flight Plan link in the menu so that it is a simple link now. My cool feature of tapping multple times to go to different spots in the flight plan does not work when opening in Outlook on the iPad.
11/21/2019I changed the bottom link when hiding the side menu back to a simple link to view the menu again. The problem was that the more complex menu did not work when opened in Outlook.
10/25/2019Tweaked late or early numbers to show h:mm instead of hmm.
10/13/2019Fixed on time showing On Time as well as 0000 Early. It now shows 0000 Early.
10/06/2019Adjusted Open Option logic to compensate that iOS 13 Safari reports itself as MacIntel.
10/03/2019There appears to be an issue with iOS 13 opening the flight plan from an e-mail attachment. I changed the warning within the flight plan itself. While I was add it, I cleaned up this page.
09/04/2019I added a link in the Online Links section so you can send an e-mail with the names and times to the flight attendants.
09/03/2019Added logic to the updated landing time to indicate whether it is within the target landing window.
08/18/2019Removed Skype link. It is no longer necessary. Tapping on the phone link will bring up a Skype option.
08/07/2019Added buttons that appear when the side menu is toggled to off. These allow you to cycle through the sections. This is in anticipation of being able to use the flight plan in a split window in the next verssion of Flight Deck Pro.
08/06/2019Still experimenting with the html formatting to use split screen.
07/28/2019Flight Plan menu button will now cycle through contents, top of the text, HOWGOZIT, and NOTAMS if you tap again within 2 seconds.
07/28/2019Added FlightRadar24 links.
07/27/2019Changed ETA for land and gate based on waypoint reporting times. Subsequent waypoint ETA remains based on Off Time with no adjustments.
07/22/2019Did quite a bit of reformatting to accomodate showing flight plan in split window with upcoming version of Jepp FD.
  • side menu is collapsible
  • flight plan text is wider
  • Unfortunately, you need to scroll to get to right side of times section. Pinching, closes file instead of zooming. I hope to eventually improve this.
07/17/2019Added a copy button to several boxes in the Route Extract section.
07/10/2019Added new fix for too long lines caused by pasting from iCrew.
07/03/2019Fixed issue caused by previous fix that caused menu to overlap text.
07/03/2019Fixed issue where flight plan was cutting off early.
06/25/2019Added Skype link for ATL Radio phone number which is in the Flight Operations and Maintenance section.
06/17/2019I added a link to the waypoint in the winds section. Within the winds section, I added a link to jump back to the HOWGOZIT.
06/17/2019Added gpx support for some apps like Pocket Earth.
06/17/2019Added gpx support for some apps like Pocket Earth.
06/15/2019Added ISA deviation to the Winds section. I also also added an ISA temperature table just below the section. I thought a lookup table was easier than a calculator and is something that could be added to the printed and pdf version.
06/13/2019Added link in Online Links to download a content pack of the Delta airports into ForeFlight.
06/07/2019Added phone link and Skype link to dispatcher info. Skype works on iPad if you have an account.
06/03/2019Several stations still give pax counts with the final weather, so I put the SOB calculator back in.
06/01/2019iCrew has had issues adding the PACOTS to the route, so I added a link in the Online Links section.
06/01/2019Fixed the QR route code for ForeFlight.
05/11/2019Added check box option as to whether to add re-dispatch routing to Google Earth file.
03/31/2019Fixed sun angles. They got fixed to a Jan date when I updated the help section by accident.
02/14/2019NOAA link Weather Links now uses It is NOAA weather with a little extra formatting and a table of contents to find each airport better.
02/12/2019Cleaned up the WX links and alternates to work better after manual input.
02/12/2019Cleaned up ETP east/west algorithm
02/08/2019I added the airport to ForeFlight ETP kml.
02/08/2019Updated ETP labels to west/east instead of first/second. This aligns better visually when pasted into Jepp FD.
01/23/2019Fixed caching for short flights.
01/20/2019Minor fix so that multi tab cache message does not replace normal cache message when opened from e-mail.
01/14/2019Fixed a problem where the recall of flight plan was not recalling the correct flight plan.
01/10/2019There was a problem if you tried to have two active flight plans in different tabs. This should now be fixed.
01/07/2019Changed the way the file is cached when changes are made.
12/31/2018I eliminated the min and max additive in the crosswind calculator since it may vary by fleet.
12/20/2018Since the SOB is now in the AWABS, I changed SOB to calculate the passengers.
12/20/2018Opening up input for time and fuel will now select the time input box.
12/06/2018Added option to disable the highlight error warning after it is given for the first time.
12/03/2018I added some code to allow just fuel at a waypoint.
11/18/2018Added auto highlights for city pair, scheduled times, and alternates.
11/12/2018Fixed QR to work in night mode.
11/12/2018Added option to automatically highlight key data.
10/30/2018Fixed unhighlighting so it only jumps to error message once.
10/24/2018Fixed report data section.
10/13/2018Fixed wpt reporting to import previous values into input boxes.
07/31/2018Re-designed the Notes section.
07/31/2018I added an update to this form to better explain the iPad functionality.
07/31/2018Added a link to Bad Elf in the Online Links section of the flight plan.
07/12/2018I added a check to see if the offline recall page is the correct version.
07/11/2018Did several changes to fix offline reloading in Safari on iPad.
06/20/2018Updated divert airport list. Most current Excel on Deltanet is 2/14/2018.
06/20/2018Changed the QR for transfering waypoint report data to use fewer characters.
06/06/2018Added link to e-mail an Online Links section to create an e-mail to send a link to the flight on This allows you to share the flight with friends and family.
06/06/2018I removed links to route functions that only work on Jepp FD for Windows such as the QR code and crf file.
06/06/2018I deleted the first part of the flight plan from the e-mail text so less scrolling is necessary to get to the files on the iPad.
06/06/2018Tweaked the color scheme on the time and fuel deltas for better readability.
05/25/2018This adapts to some NOTAM format changes where **GEN** is missing and the label such as *****KATL/ATL moved to the left edge.
05/13/2018I made the export of the waypoint report summary possible using a QR code.
05/11/2018Added summary of the wpt reports so that it could be imported on another iPad.
05/10/2018I added comments and waypoint logging to the HOWGOZIT.
05/09/2018I added wpt times to the HOWGOZIT section.
05/08/2018I added logging of waypoint and fuel.
04/19/2018Adjusted for new flight plan format and bolded section headers.
04/07/2018Added detection for when a .pdf is pasted instead of the plain text version.
04/05/2018I moved the NOAA and AeroWeather links into a seperate section.
04/04/2018I added functionality to sort the alternates by distance from the origin. This causes the airports in the weather link to approximately line up by the order along the route instead of alphebetically by ICAO code.
04/04/2018I have a linke that loads the altenates into AeroWeather Pro for iOS. I added a link to load the alternates to the NOAA weather site.
04/01/2018Updated algorithm for keeping input persistent when opening from e-mail in iOS.
03/31/2018Important values should be saved when closing and re-opening in iOS.
03/26/2018Changed some of the Google Earth icons.
03/12/2018Fixed passenger config in summary section.
03/07/2018Changed ETP links for iOS to a text box.
02/08/2018Added AeroWeather Pro (ios app) link to alternates section.
02/07/2018Added ETP points formatted to copy into Jepp FD for iOS in Route Extract.
01/31/2018Changed some functionality to no longer depend on pop up alerts to accomodate the iPad.
01/31/2018Added some notes where relevent regaring the new version of Jepp FD as well as iPad functionality.
01/15/2018Changed the timer and overall formating to better display on the iPad.
01/15/2018I changed the route extract algorithm a little. I now use the lat lon format for lat lon points unless there is a DCT in front or behind the point. In that case, such as some Canadian routes, I look for the corresponding waypoint name instead of using the lat long format for the point.
12/20/2017Updated alternate list.
12/06/2017Added normal alternates to crf file by creating ETP alternates at S90.0E000.0.
12/05/2017Re-arranged the note in the crosswind calculator.
12/02/2017The CRF file which is linked to or attached to the e-mail should now open the route. It only did ETOPS points before.
11/22/2017Added mag var to crosswind calculator.
11/12/2017Added kml that opens in ForeFlight (iOS) for flights with ETP Points.
11/12/2017I added QR code for ForeFlight back in having discovered that it works through the camera without another app.
11/04/2017Minor aesthetic changes to the calculators.
11/01/2017Added logic that will alert if the Weather Briefing, NOTAMS, or Company NOTAMS are not found. This adds an alert to contact me. Even if I dont find the section to add the link, the full text of the flight plan including that section will be available.
11/01/2017Added time totaler calculator.
10/31/2017Added conversion and crosswind calculator.
10/28/2017I tried to fix the e-mail.
10/25/2017Added a link to John Bell Tools.
10/25/2017Fixed issue with some of the formatting, such as a red title, on the returned file when e-mail was selected.
10/25/2017Fixed to adapt to the relabeling of NOTAMS section to Government Notams.
09/30/2017I updated the alternate data to the 8/30/2017 data.
09/30/2017I changed the D-zero timer to UTC timer. Same functionality with a new label.
09/14/2017I made the Google Earth file creation optional. This project started with Google Earth in order to visualize the flight. That was before Jepp FD. It takes up unecessary processing time and disk space. However, it is still available as an option if you like it.
08/02/2017Fixed sun time at breaks on 3 man section.
07/29/2017Added the ability to change minimum break times on 3 man section.
07/12/2017Since ForeFlight 9.2 added Jeppesen data, I changed the ForeFlight routing so that it uses the SID and STAR name instead of the corresponding waypoints from the fix list.
07/03/2017Added the angle of the sun for breaks.
06/27/2017Major re-write of break calculator to take into account Delta's 3 pilot break exemption from the FAA. I also eliminated the AA pattern option. Simply use the even beaks and skip the end of the first and third breaks.
06/17/2017Added new section in Alternates to create a list of airports along the route for the Jeppesen Trip Kit.
03/25/2017Added hyperlinks to jump back and forth between waypoints from HOWGOZIT to Times section and back.
03/25/2017Added option to open file directly. This is to accomodate iOS users.
03/18/2017I had the TRFP open directly when we were using the Surface 2 because it was hard to find and open the file. With the retirement of the Surface 2, I now have the TRFP dowload so that you can get it easily if you reboot.
03/11/2017Added Jeppesen crf file to open ETOPS points into Jepp FD.
03/08/2017Added bolder header for each airport in the NOTAMS section.
03/08/2017There is a problem in the NOTAMS within the flight plan text where a new airport does not begin on a new line. I revised my code to deal with this until it is fixed.
02/27/2017Added a test XML format.
02/27/2017Eliminated Jepp iOS and ForeFlight lat lon only route.
02/22/2017Added ETOP entry and exit points to Google Earth.
01/30/2017Fixed issue with breaks that I introduced in the last update.
01/30/2017Made Enter key work in several areas where times are entered.
Moved time before or after waypoint below breaks.
I deleted the LCL Time column. I kind of like it, but it is no longer needed with the Sun Angle.
I added the flight plan altitude at each point.
I re-arranged the columns in the time calculator.
01/05/2017I added a listing of ETP points in the route extract for flights that have them.
12/27/2016Jepp FD no longer requires "." and ".." so I eliminated them in the route translation. I also made some internal changes to better match the algorithm in the code that Delta will use if they implement a version of this flight plan.
12/27/2016I eliminated the FDP calculations from the break calculater. I don't think they are necessary anymore and I don't think anybody used them anyway.
12/18/2016I figured out how to unhighlight.
12/15/2016The flight plan started to indend the section headers by 7 places. This update fixes the links to work with the new format.
12/01/2016I added another input field for SOB calculation. I also did away with the class type labels.
11/27/2016Added logic to get terrain box alternates from Dispatcher Remarks section. These are added to the Always Include section of the alterantes.
11/19/2016Added option to send e-mail to all pilots on the crew.
11/06/2016Updated alternate data to 10/11/16 data.
10/13/2016Addded Flight Ops Alert links.
10/04/2016Fixed ETP points in Google Earth (.kmz) file.
09/30/2016Added links to the company NOTAMS section. I might better integrate or make them collapsible later when I have time.
09/28/2016I added an open route in ForeFlight link to the e-mail. I usually translate on my Surface. This link allows me to open the route in ForeFlight from e-mail on the iPad without having to download the TRFP file.
09/28/2016I removed the Clear Route Box button. If you need to process a new flight plan, refresh the page. There is a problem with a "stale" page not connecting to the server. I have not analyzed it in depth, but the problem does not seem to occur with a "fresh" page.
09/15/2016Added ForeFlight Web link in the Online Links section.
08/31/2016I did some work with the ForeFlight routing. ForeFlight 8 has global data which appears to eliminate the need to use the lat/lon only route. This generally appears to work with the web version of ForeFlight also. However, it will not work over 180 longitude yet.
08/30/2016I fixed a problem where BGSF was not showing up as an alternate.
08/26/2016If you open the page in iOS from an e-mail attachment, the Javascript and menu bar do not work without opening it into GoodReader or Offline Pages. I added some links within the warning so that it is still possible to quickly load the route into ForeFlight.
08/23/2016Made attempt to fix TPs with trop storms.
08/23/2016Fixed pax count issue.
08/16/2016Added links to SAQ videos for destination if available.
08/08/2016Add D-Zero timer.
07/26/2016Fixed summary where planned landing fuel was showing re-dispatch landing fuel.
07/22/2016Added summary section.
07/13/2016Updated FDP calculations.
07/12/2016Added alternate count and warning if no ac selected.
07/10/2016Added new alternates logic.
07/01/2016Added Deltanet Weather link.
06/23/2016Updated alternate data to 5/18/2016 data and added A321.
06/10/2016Changed order to make flight plan first.
06/10/2016Made the TOC for flight plan bigger for fat fingers.
06/08/2016Made route extract text areas read only.
06/03/2016Fixed issue where times included re-dispatch portion of HOWGOZIT.
05/28/2016Added lat/lon only ForeFlight route.
05/25/2016Added Wx Viewer backup route.
04/28/2016Added NOTOC link.
04/11/2016Fixed line feed when pasting route into Jepp FD.
03/19/2016With help from my son John Michael, I improved the highlighting code.
03/19/2016Updated JeppFD ETP route. It now adds ETPs at first point in the route.
03/19/2016Fixed night mode highlight to green so white text can be seen.
03/19/2016Added text highlighting tool to TRFP.
03/18/2016Fixed skiping of flight info when plan has "***** ATTENTION CAPTAIN" note.
03/05/2016FP route appears to no longer include DCT for first point. PVG LAMEN is an exmple. If the first fix list point and first route point are the same, I add an extra . to the extract.
03/05/2016FP wording changed ETP/ETOP to ETP/ETOPS. Thus, I missed the section. Fixed.
03/05/2016Fixed problem where Google Earth file routed back to origin in some cases.
02/23/2016Removed option to automatically open the pages below. It caused too many problems.
02/10/2016Added option to open SkyVector, WX Underground, Alternates, and Google Maps if online.
02/10/2016I think that I fixed this so that the aiports are colored in Google Maps as well as earth.
02/10/2016Messing with the font and borders a little to still offer some iPad support.
02/08/2016Improved the font size a little.
02/07/2016Added link withing the generate TRFP file to
02/06/2016Fixed Google Maps link.
02/06/2016Replaced section links with menu bar.
01/20/2016I added an experimental printed table of contents for NOTAMS.
12/21/2015I put all of the links into the TRFP file.
12/21/2015Changed page so that TRFP loads automatically.
12/16/2015Eliminated Bing map link since it did not work in all cases.
12/16/2015Consolidated Google Maps link into one link with airports if so checked and no radar since the radar did not display correctly.
12/11/2015Added exapand and contract button to Notams and Weather in FP contents.
12/01/2015Updated flight plan links for new notams.
11/30/2015Added link
10/25/2015Added solar elevation to the TRFP file.
09/15/2015Changed NOAA routing to Flight Weather Viewer routing. Label and algorithm change.
08/10/2015Combined the Times and Flight Plan files.
08/10/2015Re-arranged results to be more Surface centric.
06/24/2015Added feature to add ETP points to Jepp FD.
02/22/2015Added formatting and labeling of airports by AC type.
01/12/2015Added code to remove procedures like DIVAL1A and added note for manual selection.
01/17/2015Added experimental Surface RT box with ETP points.
10/25/2014Updated ForeFlight info to include a text box for easier copy and pasting.
10/25/2014Fixed .. in NAT for ForeFlight and SkyVector section.
10/25/2014Added reference to in ForeFlight route.
10/25/2014Changed kml to display arctic and anartic circles in Android. Equator still does not show in Android Google Earth.
08/14/2014Hopefully fixed 11 character lat lon on NCAC routes
08/11/2014Fixed 11 character lat lon format.
06/09/2014Fixed problem when route is changed and notice of the change is in route section.
05/17/2014Added QR links.
04/29/2014Added NWS radar and warnings.
04/16/2014Fixed new howgozit functionality to work in IE.
04/16/2014The waypoint times initially load based on planned off time until updated.
04/02/2014Added origin and destination airports to Jepp FD for Win 8 routing.
04/02/2014Added Foreflight route link.
03/13/2014Filtered out SIDs and STARs with no transitions.
03/13/2014Modified lat/lon waypoints for better formatting.
03/07/2014Changed the Jepp FD to text boxes to solve wrapping problem.
03/07/2014Changed Surface Jepp FD route to use SID and STAR instead of fixes.
03/04/2014Added Jepp FD routing for Surface.
02/25/2014I corrected some some shading of TP's.
01/01/2014Added GPX file.
12/09/2013 Updated Jepp FD route algorithm.
11/08/2013Added full FDR as an attachment when you enter an e-mail.u enter an e-mail.
11/06/2013I eliminated much of the instructional text and added the top of the release to the e-mail text.
11/04/2013I moved much of the instructional information into a seperate document.
11/03/2013I added information on how to downgrade Google Earth for iOS under the iPad tricks section.
10/28/2013I added more info in the route box at the completion to check the spam/junk folder if the e-mail did not send.
10/14/2013Fixed problem where pasting from iOS7 Safari would color all TP's red and double label.
10/02/2013Added logic to accept pasting the whole iCrew page from iOS 7 Safari.
10/02/2013Updated airports from the AM. This is both and update and inclusion of narrow body airports.
09/30/2013Fixed wave TP areas.
09/24/2013Updated tips for iOS 7.
09/06/2013Fixed TP's over Europe that have east and west cooridinates. 08/22/2013: Added ForeFlight routing.
07/15/2013Changed HOWGOZIT to retain times when switching tabs in GoodReader.
06/25/2013I changed the Jepp FD route section to use the fix list for the SID and STAR parts of the route.
06/12/2013Fixed TP that goes across date line so that it no longer wraps around the earth.
06/03/2013I no longer show the flight plan when the page reloads. This saves some time over slow connections such as the crew lounge.
06/03/2013Fixed North Atlantic Tracks.
05/20/2013Added North Atlantic Tracks if they are pasted with the flight plan text.
05/11/2013Changed airport icons.
05/04/2013Added purpose
05/04/2013Added code to recongnize multiple releases and add options to the title if any are deselected. Since this was the reason behind the kml suffix, I moved it to the bottom of the page.
04/30/2013Added elapsed time to button.
04/30/2013I fixed some error messages that show up on IE 8 on XP. up on IE 8 on XP.
04/21/2013Added NOAA Flight Path Tool routing.
04/19/2013Added shading to TP's.
04/19/2013Major internal re-write.  I also added a simplified version for less clutter in Google and Bing maps.
03/30/2013Added mountain wave area TP capability.
03/29/2013Updated Johannesburg from FAJS to FAOR.
03/09/2013Fixed times to work in GoodReader.
02/26/2013To reduce clutter, I only show IATA where it is different from the last three characters of the ICAO. I also eliminated the space in the label for cases where I have IATA and ICAO.
02/21/2013I added an iCrew link. This only works from Delta computers.
02/15/2013Changed format of SkyVector and JeppFD output from text box to plain text to improve iPad copy behavior.
02/05/2013Change the order so that TPs are presented on top of the route in the points list.
02/05/2013Added icon to TP areas to allow easier tapping on the iPad. This is additional functionality. You can still tap on the line on the PC/Mac or Google Maps.
02/04/2013I added some color to the main run button. The color changes to indicate that the script is running.
02/04/2013Changed the clear button to a less conspicuous grey and made it a local acting Javascript function to only clear the route box.
01/31/2013Added breaks to times calculator.
01/30/2013Changed the Google Earth format from kml to kmz. Kmz is a zipped format which also contains the icons. Loading the kmz file from the e-mail offline will now load the icons.
01/20/2013Added waypoint elapsed, remaining times, and planned times.
01/20/2013Added email
01/20/2013Added kml (Google Earth, keyhole markup language) format.
01/19/2013Eding of the form to make it a little more readable.
01/18/2013Major update. I added kml parsing and Google Maps link.
01/09/2013Updated latitude and longitude to format N20.5W30.0. This appears to be common between JeppFD and SkyVector.
12/30/2012Updated to read 30 degree NAT such as N2030 as opposed to 2030N.
12/30/2012Updated to translate full waypoints such as 8530N14100Ws 8530N14100W