Reformat Delta Weather

This is meant as an experiment to reformat the Delta flight plan weather. There is no data manipulation other than changing spacing and indentation.

This is meant as demonstration, not an operational tool.


Step 1: Enter the flight plan

Copy and paste the plain text of the weather report from iCrew. You really only need the weather section, but the easiest way to is to select all of the text and then paste all of the text.

PC: ctrl-click to open in new tab, ctrl-A to select all, ctrl-C to copy, ctrl-V to paste)

iPad: Tap on a word in the flight plan within iCrew. Drag the right sizing handle all the way outside the frame to the right.

Step 2: Make it go

Run the translation by clicking the button below:


My ability to execute any suggestions is probably limited by my abilities, but I would very much enjoy your feedback.

Feedback: My e-mail and phone number are in DBMS. Look up John Bell.

11/15/2021Initial release