MEL extractor

Last updated: 12/23/2022


This app takes the MEL section of the flight plan and adds buttons so that you can more easily select the MEL, then copy and paste it into AeroDocs search.

Note that I have another tool that will extract the MEL information from the Ship Tracking section of iCrew. The other tool is meant to get a preview of the MEL information before the flight plan is released and is available at:


  1. Copy the whole MEL section.
  2. Paste the text into the box below.
  3. Use the button to copy the MEL number and paste the MEL number into the search section of AeroDocs.
  4. You can save this for offline use by using the Reading List feture in Safari. (link to instructions)




Cybersecurity statement:

This analysis is done within the browser using JavaScript. Nothing travels over the internet. The code is quick and messy, but you can view it by opening this file in Notepad or some other text editor.


Feel free to use the code in any way you like. This includes copying and modifying the code.

Contact info:

John Bell DTW330A. I am in iCrew. Feel free to contact me.