Open an html flight plan from within Safari

I beleive that FOM authorizes you to use this page to open the html flight plan from within Safari. However, this is just my opinion and the EFB team does not agree.

This button is for those of you who have iOS prior to 16 who have cached this page as per the instructions below.

Updated 01/28/2023 1450

Choose and load the html flight plan file:


There are numerous other apps such as Microsoft Edge and GoodReader that will open the html flight plan, but none of them are "approved" in FOM My favorite is Microsoft Edge because it works the way that I think Safari should work. In Edge you can just use Share (the square with the arrow coming out) and then choose Edge. I hope that these apps will be added to FOM or approved via a bulletin.

The intitial purpose of this page was to provide a temporary solution to open the html flight plan for pilots who have updated Adobe reader on their iPad. However, the purpose has morphed to extract information from the html flight plan for pre-flight functions. These other functions include the following:

Cybersecurity statement:

This page uses html and JavaScript. Nothing is shared over the internet. In fact, this will work offline. At the risk of embarrassing myself with my poor coding, you can verify this by viewing the code. To do this, save this file on a computer and open it in a text reader such as Notepad.


Link to open QR code to share this page. (online only)


John Bell (feel free to look me up in iCrew and contact me)