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Flight Plan Translation

Weather Report

AE Analysis

My thoughts on the EFF (Electronic Flight Folder)


IR Cloud Tops

Pairing Summaries

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Rowing regatta


Flight Plan Translation

Translate a Delta flight plan

Delta iCrew Version compared with my version

Delta uses a version of this in iCrew and MiCrew labeled the "html" flight plan. My version has a couple of more bells and whistles, but it is not approved. Additionally, Delta's version is easier to create.


Weather Report

Weather Report based on

This page takes the METAR and TAF tables from and combines them into one report. NOAA did the heavy lifting, but this combines things into one report that is available offline once you have loaded it.


Crew Resources analysis

Other sources of staffing analysis:

I often offer some analysis on the latest AE. During the COVID crisis, I have also offered some analysis of things like the VEOP. While I am happy that these Excel files are popular, I also want you to know of some other sources.

Delta's Crew Resources and Scheduling page.

The reason that I bring this up is that Delta has started to publish the various lists in Excel. This is a big improvement. The powerful feature is that you can click on the icon in the header for a column and use filters.

Delta ALPA Pilot Dashboard

I am not involved with this. I think that it has been partially updated to reflect the VEOP. I have not spent much time. The fact that it does not show that you can now hold certain categories may not be a fault of the Dashboard. If pilots have retired from a category, it is generally an educated guess as to whether you will be able to hold the category when the staffing is replenished to compensate.

Curly Culp's Widget Seniority

Curly has updated his site to include the VEOP information.

AE Analysis for Oct 18, 2021 award

New simplified version

Delta's new way of publishing the AE results has broken my old analysis. However, Delta's publishing the AE results in Excel is a big step forward. I have done somewhat of an analyis in that I have correlated the seniority list with the AE. This new analysis is in many ways less powerful and the old analysis. However, it is much simpler and represents a prototype of what I think Delta should publish. I may look at adding back some of the features of the old analysis.

1. While you cannot interact with this link, you can downlaod the Excel file and it establishes authorization to use the interactive version in the next link.

Read Only version

2. Use this link to interact online with the data. This will not work until you have established authorization with the previous link.

Interactive version

Traditional version

I have patched together my old analysis to deal with the new data format. My long term goal is to integrate the new version above with this traditional version. There are a lot of little things such as the new AE using CA and FO, the old version that the code was created for using CAPT and F/O, and the seniority list using A and B. I think I have it working, but apply a little more skepticism than usual.

PDF version which lists who is leaving and who is entering each category:

PDF version of AE analysis


1. While you cannot interact with this link, you can downlaod the Excel file and it establishes authorization to use the interactive version in the next link.

Read Only version

2. Use this link to interact online with the data. This will not work until you have established authorization with the previous link.

Interactive version

AE Analysis for July 22, 2021 award

Feel free to let me know of any other problems that you find. w of any other problems that you find.

PDF summary

PDF analysis summary

The Excel version is the preferred analysis. In fact, this is the Analysis tab in the Excel version printed in pdf. The idea is to show the results in a printed form. I show each pilot twice, once for the category being entered and once for the category being exited. Thus, you can look at each category and see the changes.

Excel Version

This is an analysis of the AE results in Excel. I limit access by putting this in my Delta One Drive. You will need to log into DeltaNet to access the file.

Step 1 Open the read only copy: Access the AE analysis in Excel

You will be required to log into DeltaNet. Your can use your Delta e-mail address. If you don't know your e-mail address, you can use your six digit employee number. For example, You may need to click on the Sign In button multiple times if it re-appears.

This file is read-only and you make entries and have it make caluclations when it opens in the browser. However, you can download the file if you have a copy of Excel on your device. Use File -> Save As -> Download a Copy if you want to use the file on your device. This is the best option.

If you want to input values while viewing the file in your browser, proceed to the next step.

Step 2 Open the file from this link in order to make entries: Link to the view that works in the browser

Unfortunatly, Microsoft has broken this embedded view. If you want to make any inputs into the file while viewing it in the browser, you will need this step. However, the sorting and filtering no longer work.

Make sure that you have signed into the link in step 1 before using the link in this step. You may have to click in on the Sign In link mupltiple times if it re-appears. You should be able to enter you employee number and have it calculate your position in various categories. If you are denied access, go to the previous step to get access. I will ignore requests to grant access. The reason that I will not grant access is that this is published in a way that permits you to modify the sheet such as entering your employee number without having the changes saving to the original file. Granting access would cause any changes that you made to be reflected by the next pilot accessing the file.

iPad notes:

To use this on your iPad within Safari (the browser)

1. Tap the highlighted cell to enter your employee number. This just selects the cell.

2. Do a quick double tap to allow entry into the cell. This is a little tricky to get just right. The keyboard will pop up when you have done this correctly.

3. Enter your 6-digit employee number.

To use this within Excel for iOS (the browser)

There is a version of Excel for the iPad. It is a little quirky, but hopefully this will help you if you want to give it a try. You will need Excel for the iPad from the app store link.

In order to interact with Excel on your iPad, you will need to activate it. If you already have one, you can use your Office 365 account. However, you may be able to activate it with your Delta e-mail and sign in if you do not have an Office 365 account or do not want any personal items on your iPad.

When you open the file, there will be a bar at the top that will say that it is Read Only. There is an option to Save a Copy in the right side of the warning. You should be able to interact with the saved copy.


My thoughts on the EFF (Electronic Flight Folder) formerly the eCBP (electronic Crew Briefing Package)

Delta is looking at replacing the html flight plan with an app called the eCBP (electronic Crew Briefing Package). I am fully in support of the eCBP if it is done well. I think Delta needs a professionally developed and supported product. I think that the html flight plan represents a good prototype and proof of concept. I put together a document to explain some of the features of the html flight plan and some of my thoughts on the eCBP.

Link to the document (requires Delta sign in)


HTML Calculators for the iPad

Fuel Calculations

Fuel Calc

This is an experimental page with some calculators to help with some fuel calculations.

ISA Deviation calculator

ISA Deviation calculator

I add ISA deviation to my version of the html flight plan. The iCrew/MiCrew version of the html flight plan does not have this. This page allows you to copy the winds section of the Delta version of the html flight plan and add the ISA deviation.

Some older stuff

I have several tools/calculators that are simply web pages with JavaScript. These could be used in a document library such as Content Locker.

If you just want to use the tools, go here: John Bell Tools

If you want to load some of the files into Content Locker to demonstrate the concept, go here: JavaScript calculator demo.


IR Cloud Tops

Delta has Cloud Tops in the iOS version of the weather viewer. I think this is a big deal that not a lot of pilots know about. This is especially a big deal where there is no radar coverage. I have brief overview:

Using IR Cloud Tops.pdf


Pairing Summaries

Link to Pairings Summaries

Note that the above link will require you to sign into Deltanet and the files are not available publicly. While I am flattered by the fact that many people find these useful, I would highly encourage that you learn about the analysis tool in the PBS Web App. More details are available in the PBS Gouge or the YouTube videos produced by the PBS Committee. Both are linked from

. contents

PBS and Scheduling Tools

John Bell's PBS Guide

While not a full PBS manual, I have put together some of the things that I wish more pilots knew about using PBS.

John Bell's guide to PBS

FAR 117 calculator in Excel.

This uses a copy and paste of the pairings from iCrew to calculate some of the FAR 117 cumulative parameters. This depends on macros, so you must download the file to a computer and run it in Excel. If the file opens in your browser, use File -> Save As from the online version to download the file.

FAR 117 calculator in Excel

Reserve Pay Calculator:

HTML version of the Reserve Pay Calculator optimized for the iPad. note: This should work on any computer.

PBS Reserve Pay Excel Spreadsheet
Online version of the Reserve Pay Excel Spreadsheet

Reserve Line Simulator

This is a tool that allows you to switch days from X to R and see how many work days you have used in a row, X day blocks, etc. This was created to help answer e-mails with reserve questions. This may not cover every scenario and is offered on a use at your own risk basis.

PBS reserve line simulator in Excel
Online version of PBS Reserve simulator
iPad notes:
  • If you have Office 365 with Excel on your iPad: Use the normal link. Use the square with an arrow comming out icon near the URL window to send the file to Excel.
  • If you do not have OneDrive or Office 365: Use the "online" link. This should work in Safari. However, selecting cells with pull down menus such as the month can be problematic. I find the trick is to do a double tap, but continue to hold your finger down on the second tap until the menu appears.
  • If you have OneDrive installed, but do not have Office 365: I have not found a good solution other than to find another device or computer.

Rotation Format Translator:


Pilot version

FA version

I find that civilians such as family members have a hard time reading the rotation. This is a quick way to extract the legs and hotel information into a readable format with local times. You can then e-mail or otherwise share your rotation.

I have some other functions for the pilot version:

Create e-mails from the rotation

Rotation email extract

This allows you to take a rotation or multiple rotations and create a list of the Delta e-mails from the employee numbers. This is designed so that you can e-mail a crew.


HTML Flash Cards

I have an Excel workbook that allows you to create flash cards in an html format. I have an example below of for 777 Memory and Limitations. I also have an example as well as a blank version of the Excel file so that you can create your own.

777 html flash cards

Blank version of Workbook

Version of Workbook with 777 questions as an example. (note that this may not be the most current version of the workbook)


Excel file to convert waypoint list to ForeFlight KML

This is an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to take a list of waypoints and turn them into a kml file that can be imported into ForeFlight.



Rowing regatta

Regatta Stuff

timer link


Waverunner performance

I bought a Waverunner FX to replace my old SeaDoo with the intent of doing some cruising on the intercoastal waterway near Cocoa, FL. The Waverunner shows average gas mileage which seemed to stick at just a little over 6 mpg, but I wanted a little more detail, so I did a quick webpage to gather the data. I assumed the fuel flow that displayed off of the engine computer was accurate. I used the GPS from my cellular iPad mini instead of relying on the speed from the instrument display since Yamaha uses a waterwheel to measure the speed.

The page was quick, crude, and finicky. However, you are welcome to use it: MPGcalc.html

Here are the results as well as a comparison to my Boston Whaler: Link to Excel spreadsheet on One Drive.


Create cached test page