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Due to this file opening the output in another tab, there is no practical way of using this. I have another version on www.johnfbell.com that puts the output into the same page so that you can use it in Adobe Reader or GoodReader in a manner similar to the html flight plan.

LCA Block and MU Extraction

  Pay Table

Instructions and Comments

This is started as a way to capture a total block and minutes under for Standards pilots. However, I kept on adding a some more things. Pilot pay is complex and not one of my primary interests. I might miss some things, but hopefully this is useful. Let me know if you find any issues: thejohnbell@gmail.com.

Copy the entire rotation from iCrew and paste it into the box. Both of these procedures will copy a bunch of extra text. Don't worry about it, this code will ignore it.

This will extract the block and M/U for each leg and get a total for the rotation. I will pre-selected "L" legs to be included as standard pay. However, if a leg should be included that I have not flagged or vice versa, change the checked box and the totals will change.

The sums are at the top of the pairing in the same line as EFFECTIVE. There is also a summary at the top of the page.

The credit for the trip is simply the total value minus the total block including minutes under. The rate is at the rate for the last non-deadhead leg. PWA12.L.2 note). I caclualte this.

Deadhead legs pay at the rate of the next non-deadhead leg, unless the deadhead is the last leg, in which case the deadhead leg will pay at the rate of the previous non-deadhead leg. PWA 8.A.1. This must be manually selected.

I do not have an easy way of deciding which legs qualify for international override so I set the default to checked if the block is over 8:00. You will probably need to adjust a few of these.

The credit value is derived by taking the total value of the trip and subtracting the block plus minutes under.

Cybersecurity info

This does not send any data over the internet, nor does it store any data. The only data it has is what you paste, which does not go beyond your computer. All functionality is executed within the browser using JavaScript. This copy to clipboard is automatic, so you should not normally need to use the copy button. However, the button is there should you need to re-copy such as after another copy and paste.

1. You can examine the code yourself by saving the file and opening it in a text editor such as Notepad.

2. Link to a more detailed explanation on my Delta One Drive account.


I really do not offer any support. However, if you have any comments or problems, look me up in iCrew. John Bell


2023/11/26 When you open the page formatted for printing and copying, I added a copy to clipboard button to that page.

2023/11/01 Added code to read EDP. I'm not sure that EDP was originally on the rotation, but it is now.

2023/10/21 Fixed it so an asterisk after the first city will not prevent the leg from being recognized.

2023/09/29 I made the pay table selectable and reflective of the new UAL bump. I did not add enough sophistication (and probably will not) to allow selecting the table for each leg. If you fly across Sep 29, 2023 or any Jan 1, you will just have to choose one or the other.

2023/07/19 Fixed to work on pairings with no line check legs.

2023/07/03 Added logic so that credit pay rate is based on the last non-deadhead pay rate (12.L.2 note).

2023/07/02 Added logic so that an "L" carries forward to the next leg with the same flight number.

2023/07/01 Added Pay rate line.

2023/07/01 Added HOL/CARVE/SIT.

2023/07/01 Fixed issue with some pay being one row off. I had eliminated 787 in one list but not the other.

2023/07/01 Fixed standards pay to use 350 FO table if FO selected. I forgot to figure LVP pilots.

2023/07/01 Fixed MU not being added correctly.