Javascript is not running on this file:

Windows (including Surface):

You will need to download this file and open it from your computer. This is due to restrictions, which I vehemently disagree with, imposed by Delta Cybersecurity.


Due to this file opening the output in another tab, there is no practical way of using this. I have another version on www.johnfbell.com that puts the output into the same page so that you can use it in Adobe Reader or GoodReader in a manner similar to the html flight plan.

Pilot Rotation reformatting and leg extraction:

A flight attendant version is available at johnfbell.com.

page break before limits

Font Size:

Use am/pm times for civilian translation

Add FlightAware link to civilian translation

Civilian translation location of base times:


This allows you to reformat the rotation for better printing and extract the legs. This is all done externally in your browser using JavaScript and no data is transmitted over the internet.

Paste the rotation in the text box above. This will not work with archived iCrew rotations, but should work with rotations extracted from the html flight plan, rotations displayed by using the link at the bottom of your schedule, or use Preflight -> Rotation.

Do not worry about selecting the whole page in iCrew. The script should clear out the extraneous junk. However, if you have duplicate pairings showing in iCrew or the html flight plan, select starting at the line with "EFFECTIVE".

Each button will open into a new page.

Remember to close all of the tabs when you are finished.

Cybersecurity info

This does not send any data over the internet, nor does it store any data. The only data it has is what you paste, which does not go beyond your computer. All functionality is executed within the browser using JavaScript.

1. You can examine the code yourself by saving the file and opening it in a text editor such as Notepad.

2. Link to a more detailed explanation on my Delta One Drive account.


I really do not offer any support. However, if you have any comments or problems, look me up in iCrew. John Bell


2023/11/26 Added a copy button for civilian version of pairing.
2023/06/06 Minor updates.
2021/09/27 Added FlightAware link to civilian translation.
2021/09/27 Prevented duplicate hotel listings.