Updated 08/03/2022


John Bell Tools for Mission+

Mission+ initially lacks the rest break and crosswind calculators that are in the html flight plan. These are advertised as comming soon. In the meantime, I have published a version of the rest break and various other calculators here. Once you bookmark or add to home screen, these should be available offline.

Note that I have no involvement in Mission+ and this web page is unofficial.


MEL extractor

This is an aid to help you select and copy the MEL numbers so that you can paste them into the search box in AeroDocs.

Rest Break Calculator

This is a stripped down version of the rest break calculator generated in my html flight plan (HTML Flight Plan). However, it works when the html version of the flight plan is not available.

Crosswind, Conversions, and Time Totaler

This is just a very simple converter and crosswind calculator. There are far more robust apps in the app store, but this should be enough for METAR and crosswinds. The Time Totaler is a way to add and subtract times.

LHR CDA calculator

This is an experimental tool to calculate the CDA (continuous descent) into LHR.

Usage tips

Add to home screen

Note: You must be in Safari on your iPad for the following instructions to work. If you are not in Safari:

If you are in the WorkSpace app, click on the Safari icon in the upper right corner to open this page in Safari:

If you are in another app, the address is below so that you can copy and paste it into the Safari:


This page should work offline. You can bookmark this page. However, I suggest you add an icon to your home screen. Note that this trick of adding to the home page also works well with a variety of pages such as the PBS Web App https://dalpbs.navblue.aero/webapp.


If you are online, click on the refresh button in the URL window.

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